Warranty Policy
  Product Driver  
  RZB-828 Cliptec USB Bluetooth V3.0 HS + EDR
  RZP-S15 Cliptec Driver Update
  RZR-622 Cliptec Card Reader
  RZR-622 Cliptec Card Reader - Windows 7 64bit Driver
  RZR-623 Cliptec Card Reader
  ZB-515 Cliptec Bluetooth Dongle
  ZB-525 Cliptec Bluetooth Dongle
  ZB-565 Cliptec Bluetooth Dongle


Cliptec Bluetooth Dongle V2.0
  RZB737 Cliptec Bluetooth Dongle V2.1+EDR (Trial Version)
  RZB626, RZB737, RZB818 Cliptec Bluetooth Dongle - Windows 7 64bit Driver (Trial Version)
  ZC-301 Cliptec USB to Parallel Printer Convertor
  ZC-303/OCB303 Cliptec USB to Serial Convertor
  ZD-725 Cliptec USB 2.0 to IDE 2.5" + 3.5" + SATA Convertor
  ZD-745 Cliptec USB 2.0 to IDE 2.5" + 3.5" + SATA Convertor (c/w OTB)
  ZE-255, ZE-252 Cliptec External Box for 2.5" HDD / (mybook)
Cliptec External Box for 2.5" SATA HDD
  ZE-350 Cliptec ALU External Box for 3.5" HDD
  ZE-355 Cliptec Combo External Box for 3.5" HDD
  ZM-T15 Cliptec PCMCIA to Ethernet CardBus (RJ-45)
  ZM-T25 Cliptec PCMCIA to Serial 9 Pins CardBus
  ZM-T35 Cliptec PCMCIA to TV Tuner CardBus
  ZM-T45 Cliptec PCMCIA to GPRS Wireless CardBus
  ZM-U15 Cliptec PCMCIA to USB 2.0 CardBus
  ZM-U25, ZM-U35 Cliptec PCMCIA to IEEE CardBus

RZP450, RZP460

Cliptec PCMCIA/PCI-E to USB 3.0 CardBus w/64bit Driver
  ZP-A15 Cliptec PCI to IDE 133 Controller RAID Card
  ZP-A25 Cliptec PCI to SATA (ATA 150)
  ZP-A45 Cliptec PCI to e-SATA
  ZP-P25 Cliptec PCI to 4 Channel Sound Card
  ZP-P35 Cliptec PCI to 6 Channel Sound Card
  ZP-S15, ZP-S25 Cliptec PCI to I/O Controller Card
  ZP-U15 Cliptec PCI to USB 2.0 4+1
  ZP-U25 Cliptec PCI to IEEE1394 3+1
  ZR-227 Cliptec Card Reader
  ZW-211, ZW-221
Cliptec Web-Cam 1.3M pixel
Cliptec Web-Cam 480k pixel

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