ZTOSS Flex + Touch 320 Executive Stylus and Ballpoint Pen SIP320  

| Introduction |

The Flex + Touch 320 for Tablet PC perfect for use on capacitive touch screens such as the iPad, iPhone and other Tablet PC. Retractable ball-pen and stylus touch pen for conventional writing use. Whether you’re in the office, at home or out and about, it’s convenient to take along with your Tablet PC.

  • Standard pen size, that is comfortable to grip and hold.

  • Retractable ball-pen and stylus touch pen for convenient to use.

  • Attach with dust-proof plug stylus touch pen for capacitive touch display.

  • Accurate touch on note pad, phonebook, calculator, music, and game.

  • Suitable for various tablet PC and other mobile devices with a touch screen.

  • Keep your touch screen free from scratches and fingerprint.

  • Dimension : 103 * 9 (Close)

  • Weight : 20g

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