CLiPtec Notebook Sleeve (City Walker) CZG710/712/714  
| Introduction |
The CLiPtec CZG710, CZG712 and CZG714 Notebook Sleeve is a combination of slim-line design and functionality make this sleeve a perfect solution for the notebook or netbook user on the go. An ultra-padded exterior and neoprene cushion interior offer complete protection for your netbook. Place your battery, USB drive or other accessories in the asymmetrical zippered front pocket so you never leave anything behind.
| Features |
Form fitting neoprene material stretches to accommodate 10”, 12” and 14” , notebook, mini laptops, netbooks, iPad and ultra portables (see internal dimensions below).
Slimline design protects your notebook on its own or in your favorite bag.
Zippered front pocket stores your power adapter and other accessories.
Heavy-duty hardware and ergonomic zip puller.
Interior compartments for frequent traveler with maximum comfort.
Neoprene cushion for interior cushions and protects your computer.
      Suitable Notebook Size
      Up to 10"
      Up to 12"
      Up tp 14.5"
      Exterior Material
      Interior Material
      Neoprene Cushion
      Neoprene Cushion
      Neoprene Cushion
      Exterior Size
      300mm x 230mm
      330mm x 240mm
      350mm x 270mm
      Interior Size       280mm x 210mm       310mm x 220mm       330mm x 250mm
      Weight       230g       260g       330g
Pink Blue Grey

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