CLiPtec Universal Travelling Plug Adaptor with USB Port GZJ170  
| Introduction |
CLiPtec GZJ170 Universal Travelling Plug Adaptor with USB Port is a compact one piece unit with four international adaptors for use in more than 150 countries and the USB port provides a total output current 1000mA(Max output), it can be used to recharge your USB devices like iPhone, iPod, MP3/ MP4 player, mobile phone, PDA, PSP, NDS, digital camera and more via the attachable USB port .The Universal Travelling Plug Adaptor is very easy and safe to use. Press the Safety Release Button and simply pull the pin selector for the specific region and there you go!
| Features |
All-In-One Compact International Universal Plug Adapter, it can be used in over 150 countries or regions all over the world.
Support and works with USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and China.
Easy to use slide-out design.
Smart LED display to notify charging status.
Provides total of 1000mA high power, high efficiency, safety and reliability.
Flexible and compact design perfect for travel companion.
IMPORTANT : This product DOES NOT CONVERT electrical voltage and not for use with high watt devices.

Please read the following instruction manual before use this universal adaptor.

      AC Power       AC 250V 3A
      USB Input       AC 100 - 250V
      USB Output       DC 5V 1000mA
      Dimension       45(L) x 60(W) x 55(H) mm
      Weight       110g

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