CLiPtec 90 Degree HDMI to HDMI V1.3 Flat Cable 3m OCD431  
| Introduction |
Making HDMI cable connections behind HD components and mounted flat screen TVs isn't always easy. Space is limited and you often have to bend cables sharply, which can limit their life or cause unreliable AV performance.

CLiPtec OCD431 90 Degree HDMI to HDMI V1.3 Flat Cable is the instant solution. It is with the 90 degree angle of your connection for an easy, ultra-low profile hookup. Plus, advanced internal construction and 24K gold contacts maximize signal integrity for stunning HD color and clarity. Further to that, Its unique with 3.5mm flat design allows you to hide the cable in-wall, under carpet or behind baseboard, offering a more flexible and seamless cable installation and greater durability over time.
| Features |
Flexible ends, compact plug head to fit for flat panel display, Minimize distance from the wall.
24K Gold-plated HDMI connectors prevent contact corrosion and allow greater signal integrity.
HDMI cable regenerates precise 1080P Full HD video for movies and games.
Designed for transmitting high-bandwidth, uncompressed video and multi-channel digital audio between HDMI compliant.
Ideal for HDTVs, game consoles, and home theater systems to accommodate your HD entertainment.
      Connectors Type       19 Pins Type A (Male) to 19 Pins Type A (Male)
      Connectors Plated       24K Gold
      Connectors Material       PVC
      Cable AWG       28 AWG
      Cable O.D(mm)       13.5 * 3.5 mm
      Cable Length       3.0 mm
      Version       1.3
      Max Signal Bandwidth (MHz)       Up to 340MHz (10.2 GBits)

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