CLiPtec 5 in 1 Notebook Cleaning Kits RZY513  
1. Cleaning Biological Ferment
Screen Cleaning Spray blended with 100% Natural chemicals that have been specifically formulated to meet any specifications of all display screens, the perfect solution to remove fingerprints and smudges on your screen and provide safe, highly effective, long-lasting dust prevention.
2. Cleaning Cloth
Made from polygonal and micro fiber material, perfect for moisture adsorption, no mark after cleaning on surface.
3. Wool Brush
Made of wool can be clean the dust which on the corner of the keyboard and other small devices. Suitable for traveler and sleek style design.
4. Keyboard Protector
Made from durable non-slip polyurethane for typing comfortable. Protect keyboard keys from general wear and tear cause by daily use.
5. Mouse Pad
Made from fiber surface material and slip-free natural rubber base. Compatible with all mouse types like ball, optical and laser.

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